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Pet Health:  Couple Gives Tough-to-Adopt Dogs a Fighting Chance

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Have you recently lost your pet?  If so, Pet Heaven is compassionate towards you and your loss.  They know just how emotionally stressful this time is.  Learn more about how they can help and what services they can provide you and your family at this time.

Welcome!  Happy Tails Dog Rescue is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing, vetting, and re-homing dogs from kill shelters in Southern Florida. 

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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress

can be judged by the way its animals are treated" 


- Mahatma Gandhi

Most of the dogs rescued to date have been saved from Miami-Dade Animal Services (MDAS), the largest kill shelter in Southern Florida.  In 2011 the intake rate of dogs at MDAS more than doubled due in part to the failing economy, resulting in people not having the money to care for their dogs and therefore surrendering them.  Once at MDAS, these dogs have a very short time frame - just a few short weeks - before being euthanized.  Each year MDAS impounds 36,000+ pets and that number is expected to be significantly higher in future years. 


The unfortunate reality is that many of the dogs at kill shelters get overlooked because they often times need costly veterinary care and extensive grooming which make them less desirable to potential adopters.  For this reason, it is our intention to give these dogs a second chance at life by rescuing them before they are euthanized and providing the necessary veterinary and grooming services they need to be ready for adoption.

**15 Year Old Maltese Finds Her Angel**

We are delighted to announce that BABY (re-named Vovo), a 15 year old senior Maltese, was officially adopted this week!  Vovo was a rescued from Broward Animal Control a few months ago where she was brought in as an owner surrender.  Vovo is very thin and has other compromised issues including being deaf, having a recessed eye, and so on.  Daniel Andrade adopted her into his life and home where she was joined by his two other dogs.  Daniel is amazing with Vovo…as a specially trained nurse, he has been hand feeding her each day helping her to put weight back on and restore her vitality.  Vovo is truly blessed to be loved by Daniel and his family.  Here at Happy Tails, we believe all animals have the right to a loving home and proper care no matter how old or in need of care they are.

**Kaylee & Tammy Are Grateful for Finding Each Other This Holiday Season**

Kaylee (formerly named Zara) has found the perfect home, pictured here with her new mommy.  Kaylee is such a sweet dog and was so in need of her forever home.  She had been adopted from MDAS by a family who returned her two months later because they were moving out-of-state.  Because she had been returned she was scheduled to be euthanized in a very short time frame until Happy Tails Dog Rescue rescued her and found her a forever, loving home.  Her new owner, Tammy, had just recently had the second of her two older dogs pass away and was ready for a new companion.  She started looking for a dog to rescue and once seeing her picture, knew she was the dog for her.  We are so happy that Kaylee has found such a wonderful home!

**Lucy Finds an Amazing Family!**

We are thrilled to announce that Lucy was officially adopted this week!  Lucy (named after Saint Lucia, the patron saint of the blind) was a rescue from MDAS where she was sitting in a cold cage, matted, scared, blind, and just days away from being euthanized with little hope of being rescued.  When we learned of this poor little girl we just had to save her.  Once rescued, she received the much needed care and love she so desperately needed.  After living in foster care for many months, the Valderrama family found her and has welcomed Lucy into their hearts and homes - we are so happy for them all!  Click here to see Lucy with her new brother Bentley!  SPECIAL THANKS:  We want to give special thanks to Jenna Davis, Omar Felix, and Barkingham Palace for helping to foster Lucy during her time of need transitioning into her forever home.

**Poppi Got Adopted...Just in Time for the Holidays!**

Poppi is a very special boy.  He was rescued from the C ward at MDAS where he was in line to be euthanized, hiding in the back of a cage scared with three of his paws wrapped up.  His nails had never been trimmed and had grown into the pads of his paws causing them to become very infected.  Once his nails were removed from his pads he needed medication and daily "paw soaks" to heal them.  His foster mom Tricia (pictured above) did an amazing job nursing his paws back to normal and in the process fell in love with him!  She adopted Poppi and spoils him like a little baby; giving him all the love he so longed to find.  Poppi will be spending the holidays this year in his forever home!  SPECIAL THANKS:  We want to give special thanks the O'Connor family for sponsoring Poppi.  Their generousity made Poppi's journey from MDAS to a loving home possible.

**Pooh Bear Finds a Home!**

Pooh Bear (pictured above) is smiling ear to ear in the lap of his new mommy, Victoria Smith!  Pooh Bear is happy today, but he had a challenging journey ahead of him before finding his forever home.  After he was rescued from MDAS in July, Pooh Bear had to undergo emergency surgery for an anal hernia that was preventing him from passing waste.  Its dogs like Pooh Bear who are at the greatest risk of being euthanized at MDAS because they are older and in need of costly vet care.  Fortunately, with the help of Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists, he was able to get through his surgery successfully.  Today he is able to live a happy and healthy life together with his new mommy!  Success stories like this are the reason Happy Tails continues to do the work we do.  We love you Pooh Bear! 

**Empty Nesters Bring Home Two Bundles of Joy!**

Fred (left) and brother Ralphie (right) together with their new family!

These empty nesters recently lost their beloved dog whom they had for over 15 years and were hoping to fill their home again with the pitter patter of little paws.  When they met Fred and Ralphie at the shelter there was an instant connection.  Fred and Ralphie began playing with each other and it was hard to resist the chemistry between them!  Both of these dogs were rescued from MDAS and had difficult beginnings, but now they found each other and a great couple who will spoil them!  Click here to see a before photo of Ralphie...(it took the groomer 4 hours to shave him!).  We want to give a special thanks to Ralphie's foster mom, Jenna, and to Fred's foster mom, Debbie.  You both did a tremendous job caring for these boys.

**From Foster Mom to Forever Mom**

Charlie (renamed Charlie Brown) was rescued from MDAS as a stray who was found on the side of the road after having been hit by a car (click here to see his before photo).  This poor boy suffered severe lacerations on his body and has multiple pelvic fractures.  What is so remarkable about this little boy is that even with all his injuries he is always so happy, full of energy, and loves giving kisses!  His then foster mom, Laurie (pictured above), fell in love with Charlie Brown and knew she was destined to be his forever mom.  Today Charlie Brown is in good hands living in a house full of love together with his new dog-brother Don Diablo (a Pomeranian) and cat Mysoka.  Congratulations!  We love you Charlie Brown!!! 

**Ricky Finds a Sister Who Looks Like His Twin!**

Ricky was an owner surrender who came to us when his owner was no longer able to care for him.  This wonderful boy found the perfect home where he now has a “sister” named Ginger who looks exactly like him!  Pictured above is Ricky, Ginger, and his new dog-mom Karin.  We wish you all years of happiness together!

Looking for a Specific Type of Dog?  Let Us Know! 


If you are interested in adopting a specific type of dog (i.e. breed, age, size, etc.) and you do not see one listed on our site let us know!  We will be sure and keep an eye out during our rescue efforts for the dog that is best for you.  Making the perfect dog-owner match can happen both ways!  Simply  send us an email with specifics on what you are looking for